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Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6

Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6

This and the previous challenge are previews to a pair of challenges that will be posted around early to mid December.  If these first two challenges invoke only limited interest, than that is a good reason for me to re-think the more extensive challenges I have prepared for December.

For this challenge,  please provide a link to a page or post that references a poem on someone’s blog with commentary of your own — whether a note about how you discovered the poem, why you like the poem — or even a full analysis.

Please do not post their text — respect their ownership — just provide a link to their poem on your post or page that responds to this challenge.  (Don’t put a link to their poem on Mr. Linky — put a link to your page or posts that had your comments on the poem plus has a link to the poem discussed.

To explore various poetry blogs start at WordPress/Tag/Poetry and WordPress/Tag/Free-Verse or explore responses to challenges at dVerse.  (For example, links of poets at this week’s Poet’s Pub.)

For challenge introduction and previous challenges please see Wednesday Poetry Challenge IntroductionChallenge #1, Challenge #2 , Challenge #3 , Challenge #4 and Challenge #5. There is no time limit here, these challenges are open until site is forcibly closed down.

To link to you post


If you wish, you can copy the above link and paste at the bottom (or top) of the post or page that contains your response to this challenge.  That gets even more people involved! Just simply copy (as in copy and paste) the Mister Link box above and paste on your post or page.  It’s that easy.  (Thanks to willowdot21 for the idea!)


1.  Click on green “Mister Linky” link above.

2. Enter the URL (address of your response to challenge not of your website’s home page) of your post or page that has your response to this challenge.

3. For this challenge, locate a poem on anyone’s blog, read carefully and provide a link to your page or post that references that poem (a link) and has your comments on that poem. You can read hundreds of poems before choosing!

4. Anyone that wishes to see responses can click on the Mister Linky link above to view links.


Comments on: "Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6" (7)

  1. as I posted a comment on willowdot’s post, I would love to try one of these challenges now that NaNoWriMo is over but these challenges are not of the norm but none-the-less I will try one (~_~) (norm ; meaning they usually have a theme or object to write about) but thinking outside the box is your trait … bows humble


    • zendictive,

      Thanks! This will be a good one to start with as not too time consuming.

      Thanks for noticing these challenges are not the normal challenges one sometimes sees. As a set these are focused in getting one to think about their approach to poetry — one given challenge may not provide any benefit but taking several of these, particularly the ones I am planning for spring and summer of 2012, will provide notable benefit for any but the most advanced poets.


  2. i read this over and over and i’m still confused about how the comp works. sorry 😦


    • Nataly,

      Sorry if I didn’t explain this too well. This is not a competition but just a challenge to get one to thinking more deeply or differently about poetry — other people’s poetry and their own. In this particular challenge, one finds a poem by a blogger they like and creates a page or posts that describes their thoughts, reactions, feelings and/or analysis of that poem — of course, a link to that poem is included. To get an idea of what to do take a look at the replies posted when you click on the Mr. Linky link.

      Although only 3 replies so far (including myself), I have learned a lot! I found two poetry blogsites I wasn’t following that had really great poems on them. Then looking at one of those sites and clicking on the entries in their blogroll I found another site that was really great. So for me this has been really valuable as have discovered some really interesting poems I didn’t know about before.

      You may want to start with Poetry Challenge #5 — click on that link — and then after Challenge #5, give this one a whirl.

      Feel free to post again if you have further questions.


      • Yes, sorry – I shouldn’t have used “comp” – I understand that the design is to commentate on the works of others etc…I’m just not very good with technology and all this linking, where you have to link this to that, then you can’t link something else etc. All the coulds and couldn’ts confused me, that’s all. Tell me if I have this right…I find someone’s poem (I have several in mind already), then I write a post about it. I do not put their poem in my post, but I might say “someone” wrote a poem “here” – and put the link there…then…ok. That’s when I get lost. Do I need to use the Mr Linky thing? I don’t like the sound of him. Is there another way to participate? Sorry for all the questions!!!


  3. “I find someone’s poem (I have several in mind already), then I write a post about it. I do not put their poem in my post, but I might say “someone” wrote a poem “here” – and put the link there…then…ok.”

    Yes, that’s perfect.

    To put the link in your post, just use the link icon provided by wordpress — that makes it clickable — if you don’t know how to use that you can just cut and past the link without it being clickable.

    The Mr. Linky part is the easiest part — you just click on that Mr. Linky icon and then put your name and link to your post (cut and paste it — or type it) and done. If you don’t want to put it into Mr. Linky, I can do that — just reply with the link to your post.

    No problem with the questions — great that you are clarifying!


  4. I’m really having a great time with my creativity this month! I really feel like I’m refocusing on what is important for me, my heart’s Home.


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