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Wednesday Poetry Challenge

Not every Wednesday, but some Wednesdays, I will post a Poetry Challenge. 

I was inspired by seeing a few of these in the WordPress blogosphere and was thinking that maybe there was room for one more — one a little less traditional, but still focused on developing writing skills for the poet.

The approach is simple:  A writing exercise (or challenge) is presented.  Anyone wishing to participate may do so at any time — doesn’t matter if it is the day the challenge is posted or months or years later — there is no deadline whatsoever.  One can create a response to the “challenge” as a post or page on their blog — or anywhere they chose — just provide the link  to the “Mr. Linky” pop-up window provided at the bottom of the Wednesday Poetry Challenge Post.

I think it’s just that simple. 

One can participate in all challenges, participate in only those challenges of interest, or  participate in not a single one but just browse others’ responses or ignore these Wednesday posts altogether.

I was originally thinking about starting another WordPress blog just for this purpose, but after noting how difficult it is for a brand new blog like WordPress Blog Showcase to get followers, I thought I would give it a try here where there is already some foot traffic, so to speak.

Look forward to this exercise, any responses and any and all feedback on improving process or content.

Your friendly neighborhood Zumpoems.com administrator,

zumpoems.com Admin.


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