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Response to Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6

This is my response to Poetry Challenge #6 which is to find someone’s poem from their blog — in this case I poem I really like — and comment on it.

For this challenge I am selecting Vampire Weather’s Espial

Please click on “Espial” above to read poem.

Here are my comments:

When reading a poem, I like to first read for the beauty of the writing — reading out loud when possible — and then when finished I ask myself whether I understood what the poet was communicating.  Often I don’t, and so I go back to re-read.  It is then that I encounter more of the beauty of that poem: are there multiple layers of meaning, is the topic mundane or spiritual, is their hidden humor, am I learning something about the Personna (not the author but the voice of the poem — the character expressing the sentiments captured — never assume the poem is the expression of the author) of the poem or myself or the world?

This poem, Espial, requires a very careful second reading.  And a third. 

Do I need to have reached a conclusion by the end of my re-readings? No, I can come back another day! 

I know that some poems have multiple meanings and some intend to have only one.

This poem seems to have one specific meaning.  It is well laid out — but slightly out of my reach.  I put my faith in the poet from previous readings at this poet’s blog that the thoughts are expressed properly and I just need to reach far enough to really get that meaning.

In this case, I am still not there.  Is this about the earth?  Hope? Grace? Something else?  Not there.  But loving the journey.



Comments on: "Response to Wednesday Poetry Challenge #6" (1)

  1. I know exactly what you mean and where you are coming from. I often read poems 2,3,4 times or more and still don’t always grasp their meaning. I dont judge work as good or bad, as the writer knows what the meaning is behind their offering.
    Good challenge!


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