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Wednesday Poetry Challenge #5

These next two challenges are previews to a pair of challenges that will be posted around early to mid December.  If the challenges posted this and next week invoke no interest, than that is a good reason for me to re-think the more extensive challenges I have prepared for December.

For this challenge,  please provide a link to a page or post that references a poem by an established, published poet, and includes some commentary of your own — whether a note about how you discovered the poem, why you like the poem — or even a full analysis.

Please be sensitive to copyright and what is public domain and not.  The law varies from country to country.  For example, in one country, a Wallace Stevens poem written in 1930 is public domain, but in another, no Wallace Stevens poems are public domain since 70 years must transpire after the death of an author before the works are in the public domain.

I am posting my real response to the Mr. Linky prompt below but also including a sample post here.

For challenge introduction and previous challenges please see Wednesday Poetry Challenge IntroductionChallenge #1, Challenge #2 , Challenge #3 and Challenge #4. There is no time limit here, these challenges are open until site is forcibly closed down.

To link to you post


If you wish, you can copy the above link and paste at the bottom (or top) of the post or page that contains your response to this challenge.  That gets even more people involved! Just simply copy (as in copy and paste) the Mister Link box above and paste on your post or page.  It’s that easy.  (Thanks to willowdot21 for the idea!)


1.  Click on green “Mister Linky” link above.

2. Enter the URL (address of your response to challenge not of your website’s home page) of your post or page that has your response to this challenge.

3. For this challenge, locate a poem by an established, published poet, post text to a post or insert text into a page. Follow text with your comments on poem.

4. Anyone that wishes to see responses can click on the Mister Linky link above to view links.


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