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The Sassoon Collection

iii. Blonde

Her head-weak thoughts that once eagerly gave way
to looks that leapt sure from eye to brain and into heart,
Weaving unconscious promises of love,
Are now thrust outward, dangerously heard from lips to air.
And he who has watched one world and loved it all,
Star-struck with blindness, an ensnared example for pity,
With feeble hopes of attracting a returning glance,
now listens with his ear to the rambling noise.

— Zumwalt (2011)

Copyright © 2011


Comments on: "The Sassoon Collection: iii. Blonde" (14)

  1. ummm… (~_~) deep!


  2. “And he who has watched one world and loved it all,
    Star-struck with blindness, an ensnared example for pity,”

    I love how you take time and care to word things in such a way that they make that transition from a mere statement to a glorious work of art. Your skills are ever evident, and this is a gorgeous addition to your legacy


  3. Exquisite and sensitive, wonderfully resolved. Loved it.


  4. beautiful piece of art


  5. “now listens with his ear to the rambling noise.” the ending really leaves a nice feeling with the reader. A sense of uncertainty, waiting, and longing. Nice!


  6. The points of love bouncing back and forth from head to head, sparkling eyes saying Yes I am here! I love the way you write these poems I do not really understand how to do myself. xx


  7. deep for sure ….beautiful and sad at the same time ……
    best x


  8. When she stopped being eye-candy and started talking, he is now blinded to any beauty and only hears “rambling noise.” Yes, pretty much what happens when you initiate with surface beauty.


  9. zendictive, Vampire Weather, df barker, Mt, fhhakansson, willowdot21, Cat, granbee,

    Thanks much for visiting, reading and commenting!


  10. smiles…i agree with the comment on falling for the looks…real love comes in whole packages…


  11. This one’s worth a smile and a soft chuckle.


  12. brian and Thomas,

    Thanks much!


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