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The Sassoon Collection

x. Particle Show

AND still they come and go: and this is all I know—
That from the mind I watch an endless particle-show,
Where wild and listless forces flicker on their way,
With charged and uncharged parts from small stringy strands
Because all spin so fast, and they’ve no place to stay
Beyond the frozen image of imagined lands.

And still, between the shadow and the image made,
The first desire of all of us flings onward, ever betrayed
As in those stimulant years that weight them, and have passed:
All minds must grasp these particles dancing much too fast.

– Zumwalt (2011)

Copyright © 2011


Comments on: "The Sassoon Collection: x. Particle Show" (12)

  1. Gorgeous ….. metaphysical ! Love it !


  2. fascinating…i have a friend that works at the partical accelerator…i have been in it and looked around…also this makes for a great metaphor as well…the ever increasing speed of our own particles. and lives…


  3. wonderfully written and so true.


  4. Because all spin so fast, and they’ve no place to stay
    Beyond the frozen image of imagined lands..love how you capture the tension..the electricity…charged and uncharged parts… and melt physics into one great metaphor for life and relationships


  5. I must echo what claudia said. Excellent metaphor, great images!


  6. Ah yes. Yes. Much too fast, my friend. A grand performance of words. Beautifully done and so close to the heart…lovely


  7. fantastical (~_~) word particles absorbed


  8. All creation is made up of particles. It is up to us which ones we watch. And yet, it is true: ultimately, we will grasp ALL particles in our souls. Powerful words here. Quite a tall challenge, which we need, oh yes, we do!


  9. Cat, Brian, df, claudia, Betty, Vampire Weather, zendictive and granbee,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comments. Happy Holidays!!!!!


  10. Got to love rhythm like that. Coupled with great imagery, that’s a home run hit. Another one sails out of the park.

    Nice work again Zum. And happy holidays!


  11. The rhythm and rhyme sparks around like a particle going around an accelerator and ending up as having existed or not-existed at any nano-second of time. The metaphor that sees all of us as particles is also particularly appreciated.


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