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(Starting Date for this Challenge is Jan, 1, 2012 — posted early to provide proper advance notice. Do not start this until the New Year — you can even consider this a New Year’s resolution — will repost this every Wednesday until the New Year.)

Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

Poetry Challenge #8 is similar to Challenge #7 but the poems are all poems by “unestablished” poets posting poems to their blogs.  Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #8 is directly below:


Have a fantastic Holiday Season!

I have had very little time to administer this site, so apologize.  Most of these posts are pre-scheduled.  Appreciate all that find time to visit now and then.  Thanks so much for your interest.


Comments on: "Wednesday Poetry Challenge #7 and #8" (9)

  1. Thank You! I’m a little unclear, and my comp. is having a brake down: eight times and time warner can’t straight out our internet—- our e-mail boxes are insane- so I will definatly get back to you!!!! TC


  2. I am not able to participate at this time, but best wishes to you in this endeavor! Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season to you, too!


  3. Totally fabulous artwork posted here. Thank you so much for the joy it is bringing my eyes! I am so consumed with my adult fairytale book(s) that I just write, write, write–not participating in any particular “challenges”. Best to all who do, of course. I am sure I am enjoying many of these poets’ blogs!


  4. just thought i’d swing by to wish you a lovely holiday season and a good start into the new year… tried to check out your links in the two mr. linkie’s but they don’t seem to work… ?


  5. Hi I am going for challenge 7 so I can learn about established poetry as I have only been doing this since June. I have posted my first blog and I am going for a once a week entry. I have put the details on my page. I love your blog and your ideas happy 2012 and happy posting.! XXXX


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