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Fourth Post at ChoicePosts.com

If you haven’t visited recently, please check out the latest entry at choiceposts.

Traffic is still pretty low,  so promoting it for now on this site.  Eventually, choiceposts.wordpress.com will be a great place to shop to find blogs of interest — one just chooses the category and see if they like and relate to the author’s top post — if so, they maybe read the other links for that author and end up following the blog.   WordPress doesn’t have anything like this — maybe this will get them to do this themselves and I can stop.  Until then, would like to add a post every week or so.

At present nothing queued up for next week.  If interested in being showcased just follow the instructions!

This is not just for poetry blogs so feel free to recommend this process to others.  If you find a site you really love, feel free to direct them to this link for instructions at choiceposts!  Would like to add a good photography site, good science site, good music site, etc.



First Entry at CHOICEPOSTS

Very excited that one of the many fine WordPress bloggers, willowdot21, has submitted a set of links to be featured at Choicposts.com

This takes courage to be the first, especially when we have a blog like this one that contains many personal thoughts and expressions.

I encourage you to go to http://choiceposts.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/willowdot21-an-insight-to-a-heart-mind-and-soul/ and then explore the listed links.

More than that, I encourage you to explore the site.  Several of the more recent posts, written in a poetry/prose format (let’s call this “prositry”) would make great material for a children’s book.  Here are additional links:

Summer Susie

Silver Spring

Magic on the Dance Floor

Winter Wonda

Autumn Annie

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