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First Entry at CHOICEPOSTS

Very excited that one of the many fine WordPress bloggers, willowdot21, has submitted a set of links to be featured at Choicposts.com

This takes courage to be the first, especially when we have a blog like this one that contains many personal thoughts and expressions.

I encourage you to go to http://choiceposts.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/willowdot21-an-insight-to-a-heart-mind-and-soul/ and then explore the listed links.

More than that, I encourage you to explore the site.  Several of the more recent posts, written in a poetry/prose format (let’s call this “prositry”) would make great material for a children’s book.  Here are additional links:

Summer Susie

Silver Spring

Magic on the Dance Floor

Winter Wonda

Autumn Annie


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