Zumwalt Poems Online

untitled (Sept. 7, 2011)

thick trees engulf the hidden spell;
soft streams collide on risen ground;
so much, so fast, so far we go —
then leave the remnants of the trampled dust.

–Zumwalt (2011)

Comments on: "untitled (Sept. 7, 2011)" (3)

  1. I like this very much!

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  2. And so the valley of the kings is left covered in sand and the waters of the falls pour over the edge willingly and the trees hide secrets of the forest to be grown over with grass and protected by the branches in which they rely. I know that’s not what you wrote about but it is what I had envisioned before I looked at the title. Your words are surreal and sublime.

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  3. Yes, and that you were there… and lived to write about it… awesome words.

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