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Strangely struggling in Shangri-La

Shaken and stirred beneath the slime
I culpably allow darkening tentacles to disperse my many parts:
the little wisps of attention,
sinister and poisonous,
bend misty claws.
This night keeps extending,
strikingly silent under the depths,
invoking quaking hands above the clouds.
Such despair! The future is vanishing
straddling the light —
the next race waiting
to which such dreams
withering victims

-Zumwalt (2016)


Comments on: "Strangely struggling in Shangri-La" (3)

  1. And so the creation of life begins!

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  2. MyHomeIsWriting said:

    This is excellently well written.

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  3. Like a Phoenix rising only when the old one’s turned to ash… Love your weird choice.

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