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The New Year is upon us.  Toss your hat into the ring for one or both of these challenges.   Looking forward to reading your journal of your thoughts on fellow blogger poems or established poet’s poems.

Click on Mr. Linky to see the journals I have started and any others added since this post.  I think its a great New Year’s resolution to read and think about one poem a day, one poem a week or even, if time-constrained, one poem a month.

Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

Poetry Challenge #8 is similar to Challenge #7 but the poems are all poems by “unestablished” poets posting poems to their blogs.  Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #8 is directly below:


Have a great New Year!!!

I have had very little time to administer this site, so apologize.  Most of these posts are pre-scheduled and I, unfortunately, expect to have very little time during January.  Appreciate all that find time to visit now and then.  Thanks so much for your interest.

Zumwalt Site Adminstrator.


Comments on: "Repost of Wednesday Poetry Challenges #7 and #8" (7)

  1. Hi Zumwalt,

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award,
    so please visit my blog for acceptance.
    Lauren 🙂
    and Happy New Year!


  2. Hey. I would like to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award. Please see here for details if you’d like to accept. xo.



  3. wish you a fantastic new year too!


  4. Hi Zums I am so sorry I had forgotten to post my challenge 7 entries to Mr Linky I have at last corrected that !! I hope you are well and that the New Year is being kind to you! XX


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