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Giving Thanks!

There is so much to give thanks for this year, both in my personal life and regarding this zumpoems.com site.

Thanks for all those that have visited here!  Special thanks for those that take the time to “like” or rate the poems or comment.  This is just a wonderful treat.

I never expected so much traffic to this site or so many subscribers. Very thankful for the wider exposure this has given Zumwalt and many of Zumwalt’s poems.

Thanks to wordpress.com for proving such an excellent, easy to use platform.

Special thanks to WordPress for featuring this site this week at http://en.wordpress.com/tag/poetry/ (Feature on top right.)

Special thanks to those that have nominated this blog for the Leibster award.  That is a great honor.   I have debated about following the instructions of these nominations and creating a post of five blogs, but cannot choose only five from the many, many great sites out there.  I have tried to provide a platform for showcasing blogs at http://choiceposts.wordpress.com but I know it is not the same, and the traffic is still relatively low, so not much of a way of providing recognition.  Maybe one day… 🙂

Please take a look at those blogs in my blogroll — those are just some of the many great poetry blogs out there.  Also have tried to provide links of must read poems at Excellent Articles and Posts.

The best part of blogging has been discovering the wealth of great poetry and articles out there. I never realized how many truly talented poets are out there until starting up this site. I am  amazed at people like Brian and claudia that are doing so much to further encourage so many poets (check out their http://dversepoets.com/ site if you haven’t already.)  Particularly wish to acknowledge those that always find the time to visit so many poetry sites and provide such encouraging comments to the poets they visit.

Poetry is an activity like jogging or playing tennis that one can do for their own enjoyment, and that in itself is a justification for creating poetry.   I particularly admire those that take this activity to the next level, crafting, revising and ultimately creating poems that provide inspiration, joy or just fun entertainment to others. I have found at least a hundred such poets out there, and for me, many of them are creating work much more interesting than the work found in poetry journals.

So, thank you for visiting, and for those that maintain a blog site, thank you even more!

Wishing all that visit, or avoid visiting, or plain don’t know about this site, a Happy Thanksgiving.  That applies to everyone, in all countries, even those that have never eaten Turkey (or tofu-Turkey) and never plan to!


Comments on: "Giving Thanks!" (12)

  1. Ever gracious and kind !! Happy happy Thanks Giving to you too!!


  2. i agree…a lot of things to be thankful for… i never would’ve thought i’d meet so many great people out in the blogworld..but really found friends that are sometimes closer than those i meet in person every day…congrats on the Leibster award and thrilled to have discovered your site…yes..thankful…


  3. A wonderful expression of gratitude; I put your site on my blogroll.


  4. Your’e welcome. Its a good Blog


  5. You’re very welcome and a lovely note of thanks! You have an awesome blog and I look forward to reading more! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  6. It is a pleasure to take a moment to look at the world though the lens your experience. I resolve to be more poetic and share. In a small way I find my FB status updates to be a form of poetry. I shall attempt to make them more so.


  7. Thank you, you are an inspiration.


  8. All,

    Thanks for reading and stopping by. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a terrific one here! Enjoying the leftovers!


    Thanks much for stopping by. Great honor. Also thanks about the note about the Pomona College publication of Zumwalt poems in the 1970s.


  9. thank you sir…i appreciate your input on our site as well…dverse is nothing without its poets…and much to be thankful for this year…i hope that you had a good thanksgiving…


  10. A grateful heart is a blessed heart. We thank you for sharing your thoughts and the moving poetry. You have a gift to make words come out beautifully. Have a wonderful day.


  11. Alternativepoet said:

    Lovely post, thanks for stoping by my place 🙂


  12. What lovely Thanksgiving wishes! And I have tasted tofu pie but hope never to have to again.


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