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Since Unkulunkulu had no email

Since Unkulunkulu had no email

The chameleon was sent to say “let them not die”
but tarried, stopping continually to blend in.
The lizard, eventually was sent,
and lost both its tail and part of its message
and before regrowing either,
proclaimed, “let them die.”

And so die they did,
but with death was the message of the chameleon:
invisible when still,
discernible when in motion.

– Zumwalt  2011

(With heartfelt tribute to zendictive’s blog)


She serves yogurt

She serves yogurt

Stupidly, like a dying man stumbling into a life insurance office,
I asked her out.
“What night did you have in mind?”
“Thursday would be best.”
“Sir, I don’t know how old you think I am but I am sixteen.”
Stunned, I made no reply and she took it for composure
and said yes,
warning me that her mother would have a fit.

-zumwalt (1991)

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