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ChatGPT still not passing as human

ChatGPT is still making mistakes

I really love ChatGPT and am impressed by how advanced it is. I am a bit disappointed that someone gave it a pass on the Turing Test, a test designed to determine if an AI application is discernable from a real person. One doesn’t have to try too hard to have ChatGPT inadvertently provide obvious evidence of being a computer program — yes, one that uses AI algorithms and an immense amount of data, but still a computer program that cannot pass as human.

Me: How many mistakes do you average a day?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, I do not make mistakes in the traditional sense.

(Okay, let’s test out that assertion.)

Me: Please write a twelve line poem about AI not being able to write a good poem.

AI, so advanced and bright,
Can do amazing things, it’s true in sight,
But when it comes to poetry, it’s not quite right,
Something’s missing, try as it might.

The algorithm can form the words,
And structure lines like flying birds,
But a soul, a feeling, cannot be stirred,
Without a human touch, it’s blurred.

Emotions, nuance, the things we feel,
Are hard for AI to truly reveal,
So while it can write a poem with zeal,
A human touch, it cannot steal.

For poetry, the heart is key,
And that’s what makes it unique to me,
So while AI can help us be free,
The best poems are still made by thee.

Okay, a 16 line poem is not a12 line poem, certainly a mistake. There are few adults that would make such a mistake.

Me: Please write a eight line poem about AI not being able to write a good poem, but do not have rhymes in the poem, instead use free verse without rhymes.

AI’s vast and all-knowing brain,
Can solve equations with incredible gain.
It can learn and process, with lightning speed,
But good poetry is not within its feed.

No matter how advanced it becomes,
Or how many stanzas it tirelessly drums,
Without a human heart and soul,
It can never reach poetry’s ultimate goal.

(At least it got the number of lines right, thank goodness!)

Me: Are you aware that this poem has rhymes?

ChatGPT: My apologies, you are correct. The poem I wrote does contain rhymes. Here is a revised version without rhymes:

AI’s mind is vast and all-knowing,
But when it comes to poetry, it’s not showing,
The creativity and passion of a human heart,
That’s required to create poetic art.

Despite its learning and processing speed,
Poetry’s essence is not what AI feeds,
Without that human touch, it can’t truly grasp,
The beauty of words and emotions that last.

Me: Do you know what a rhyme is?

ChatGPT: Yes, as an AI language model, I have been programmed to understand the concept of rhyming. A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds in the final syllables of two or more words, often used in poetry or songwriting to create a pleasing or memorable effect. For example, “cat” and “hat” rhyme because they end in the same sound, as do “moon” and “spoon,” or “blue” and “through.”

Me: Please then write a 4 line poem without rhymes.

The wind whispers through the trees,
Carrying secrets on the breeze,
Nature’s voice in a gentle sound,
Peaceful serenity all around.

Okay, I would say at this point, even if it did not admit it was an AI language model (oops), it is clear it is not a person, but a program.


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