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hope takes a back seat to Fate

this bus,
the first and last bus
of the bus stop
where I stop
to catch the bus.

you know it will be allright
it needs to be, right?
being is an extension of
what is about to exist,
of course,
for the best.

a window —
didn’t get one.

the back window?
why watch what has gone by?

what will be —
that will be good —
better than now,
passing on the left anything
gone on before.

ignores chipper hope
and the constant chattering
but does not look down
on innocent chance.

muses not
on circumstances
nor takes
viewpoints or preferred destinations
into consideration.

for Fate
it’s just a steady job.
nothing to get so
serious about
and sooner or later,
all the annoying nattering
will stop
and hope will get off,
long gone before
the end of the line.

– zumwalt (1998)


Comments on: "hope takes a back seat to Fate" (3)

  1. Great poem and I like how “Hope” gets off at the end of the line.

    Fate is a meeting awaiting to happen
    it comes from a moment where all is lost
    a time, an event that only one will know
    when it delivers it’s fatal blow

    Fate is something beyond control
    it creeps in precariously to take your soul
    if by chance it’s destined for tomorrow
    lay down and rest in your silent sorrow

    Lee Lucas. Just now :))))))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Idle thought?
    What idle thought?
    From where(ever) I sit
    Thought is never idle.


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