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Note from administrator

I’ts been a while since we have posted a new Zumwalt poem, but Zumwalt is alive and well and one never knows when one will receive something in the mail that we can post here.

Appreciate those that still follow this blog and in the meantime, will try to keep this site from completely vanishing from the google search engine by posting now and then.

For those that like music, there are a few pages on this site addressing that topic.  They aren’t easy to find, so I will call out one in particular: Must Listen To Music

The author that provided this page, believes that music is music, and that even classifying music as great, good, mediocre and poor is a worthless and impossible activity.  However, there is some music you should check out and this is what is listed here.

Whether you have heard everything listed or you haven’t heard any items on the list, you can do the author a favor and in your reply to this post, list music that you think the author should listen to.  If I just get one reply back, I will know this site is again attracting readers and can then maybe use this to entice Zumwalt to eventually provide another poem for us to post.




Comments on: "Note from administrator" (13)

  1. Music! Music!
    Where shall I start?
    A gymnasium for the emotions

    Each to their own I say
    I know what I like; I like what I know
    Though with an ear to the new

    And then once again
    Stuck in the pasted on role “poet”
    At the mercy of metaphor

    I offer one of mine
    A humble gift to music
    And to zumpoems


    My portion to walk
    These barren, wasted hills
    Knuckled and gaunt
    And stiff with old loam

    Flow down through the world’s ebb
    All among dark strangers
    Whose hourglass
    Runs thick with dream

    Bent upon the strait path
    I have no whim
    To tell each fashioned note
    As truly as some well tuned liar

    But choose instead
    To take the same old number
    Rip from its womb untimely something new
    And make it count

    For music

    For music

    Has unmanned me, aye
    And stole my reason
    To make cause with those
    Who are not privy to this openness

    Who have ears and do not

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  2. You were one of my favourite and first follows, then you followed me , I am always pleased to see you. I shall send you some music 💗💜💝

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  3. You are definitely attracting readers. Glad you are back. I agree about classification, for music as with most things. Humans love labels. Anyway, here is a poem about music and poetry, from Songs for a Beloved Friend:

    The Sound of Rhythm

    Poetry, like music,
    has its own demands
    and makes its own allowances
    where to breathe, when to soften
    where to slow down or speed up
    what to emphasize
    and what should speak for itself
    freedom and structure intertwined
    sound and rhythm
    offering a different gift
    to every listener.

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