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2015 01 30

If the world was full of only reporters, seems that there would be little to report on; but, if the world was full of only legislators, laws would be needed more than ever. Unfortunately, there would be no one around to enforce them.

— Zumwalt (From “The Very Words of the Works of Zumwalt”)


Comments on: "2015 01 30" (4)

  1. Very true, it would be wonderful if the world was full of good and honest souls then there would be no need fpt either of the above. Great thoughts.


  2. Very true thoughts.


  3. Hey Zue!
    I love reading your blogposts so I’ve nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award. Check it out here:https://kelliedoherty.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/blogging-achievement-unlocked/and pass the torch to a few of your favorite bloggers!
    Warm regards,


  4. Zum…. Why so quiet lately?


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