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Lin for the Win


— Zumwalt (2012)

Comments on: "Lin for the Win" (6)

  1. got to love the Lin…as a knicks fan I DO! continue…


  2. well at last I know a tiny bit about you!!


  3. geee…it looks so easy…but i know it isn’t…played basketball once..but in fact i’m too small for this game…


  4. Hooray for the Knicks and for Lin! Gotta always root for the Giants and the Knicks with my firstborn living in Manhattan, right? Thanks for the boosterism here!


  5. I’m with Claudia, too short for Bball. The Jeremy Lin story is great because it’s about someone coming off the bench, ignored for the whole season, and shining like an absolute star. Good on him, and thanks – I had not seen footage! Amy


  6. All,

    Thanks for reading, watching and commenting!


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