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broken imagery scattering pumpkin seeds upon the ground
rhythm shifting, implicating, wildy gesticulating
thoughts bounce over fading ideas which trample upon speculative reflections

give me a word
a simple single word
not an action
not a person, place or thing
not a conjunction, exclamation, article or
worn down, over-taxed modifier

give me a word that creates its own reality

that establishes an impossible set of events

that engages the energy of thoughtful scholars for ages upon ages
creating a library of discussion
and ignites an endless tangle of wars over interpretation

and with that word once given
give me its counterpart

that word
which, so totally complete
and unrelated to anything else,
will dissolve every other word

and then
without apology
dissolve itself.

— Zumwalt 2011

Comments on: "seeds" (24)

  1. “Give me a word that creates its own reality”, says it all. Every word must count, every word must be necessary – and each word must be stirred together with other words in a way that has never been done before. You’ve expressed this so well in YOUR poem. I like!


  2. energetic and lots of imagry
    bows (~_~) humble


  3. I really enjoy your poems


  4. give me a word that creates its own reality…words can do just that..i think that’s awesome – also reminded me of the beginning of john: in the beginning was the word..awesome poem…complete and unrelated…love this


  5. Betty, zendictive, princessophua1979 and claudia,

    Thanks very much for reading and commenting!


    I tagged this thinking something similar to you (the creator/creation) but still working on what may be implied past that.


  6. Give me a word that creates it’s own reality-Such a beautiful line. The flow of your writing is very balanced-creates a ripple in my heart 🙂


  7. Hi I have all ready told you how much I love this poem I just popped by to say I keep correcting and changing my new poem ..but I am so pleased you liked it thank you!!


  8. a wonderful poem, we all want that one word. such power.


  9. This poem is sumptuous in its exploration of ontology and quiddity, full of delectable ideas and language. Thank you!


  10. i simply love this piece, but particularly the movement in in…it starts out with such a hopping and popping, then blows up into this big, unstoppable event, then quiets right down and draws inward…i’m particularly pulled by the ending,…”that word which, so totally complete and unrelated to anything else,will dissolve every other word”



  11. Wow! What imagery built on a simple concept! Your poetry is so articulate.


  12. this is clever. i love the last stanza, the unapologetic nature of the world, word, religion, hope; the inescapable reality of something that is beyond our control. xx


  13. Brilliant is the word for this post.


  14. saffronsound, unsungpoet, glitteringsootonhereyelashes and aveek13,

    Thanks for visting, reading and commenting. Appreciate it!


  15. Superb! Wow, I really love enjoy your writing!!!!


  16. fantastic. brilliant poem. i wonder what that word and its counterpart is.


  17. BlueGem and S Basu,

    Thanks so much for your comments on this and other posts! Appreciate it!


  18. I like this poem. Thought provoking like a good poem should be.


  19. If this was baseball, thats heading out of the park.

    The imagery, the structure, the language. All came together on this one.

    Damn thats good.


  20. California Kid and skyraftwander,

    Thanks much for reading older posts and for commenting!


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