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propulsive retraction

propulsive retraction

because he retreats she goes after
now convinced that he is more than worthy of her
and when he approaches she retreats
certain that she would be accepting
than what she can get

she is unaware of how she is
pushed back and forth like
tide of some California beach
is only aware of some vague confusion
and exasperation

in this marketplace you look carefully at weight and shape, knowing that
it is impossible to judge

in this marketplace you try not to keep a total of cost or the number of
taken of the shelf

she momentarily searches to say something
that she can later withdraw
she has aleady forgotten that it always pulls her
and head first.

— Zumwalt (1991)

Comments on: "propulsive retraction" (4)

  1. that was a good poem. i really really like the part about the marketplace.


  2. seasidenoel,



  3. Woooww!! I know see what you meant. Its a fantastic poem.. 🙂


  4. abichica,

    Thanks for checking this out. This is one of my favorite Zumwalt poems. (My favorite, I think, is “They Stripped the Forest for Babble.”


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