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They’ve Stripped the Forest for Babble

Reams and reams
             The black-ink symbols innundate
             Flooding consciousness with printed words
                                          that possess
             Definitions but know no meaning
            political history of Byzantine hydraulics.
                        Dewey decimal has run rampant
                        Chasing, haunting, even lurking
                                  in the restroom
                        Parasitically clinging to the walls
 Stark and blatant waste or frivolous gaud
                        Venus dies --
                                   --    nonsensical nausea                       
                        The ice-age is returning

— Zumwalt (1974)


Comments on: "They’ve Stripped the Forest for Babble" (5)

  1. the trees are talking? their legacy lives on in our books? save the trees the need to be spliced into our storylines and go type on a computer


  2. p.s. that last comment was not meant to be harsh. it was just my initial reaction to the poem. i say that any reaction at all is a good thing, but then what do i know? I am a super rookie to the blogosphere.


  3. seasidenoel,

    Thanks for the 2 comments! (This is one of my all-time favorite Zumwalt poems! It contains those elements that are the hallmark components of most later Zumwalt poems: irreverence, clever and/or catchy title, humor, irony and meaning at two or more levels — one at the obvious level and at least one at a inferred, implied or symbolic level.)


  4. very truthful words.


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