Zumwalt Poems Online

read between the lines.

-zumwalt (1991)

Comments on: "read between the lines" (8)

  1. how can one read between the lines of one line? something to think about 😛 xx


  2. this is clever my friend…smiles


  3. ha…short sweet…and definitely clever…


  4. Took me a minute then I smiled!


  5. glitteringsootonhereyelashes, claudia, brian and Grandmother,



  6. howdoyougetaspaceinbetweenthewords? howdoyougetawordinedgeways?

    sosometimesitishardtoreadbetweenthelines! 😉


  7. that is so deep, so profound, amazing read…wow…i now get it -> i understand the big shebang, entire, meaning of all of life. it was right there. i hope no one misses it.


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