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First my apologies for last week’s post which was posted half-finished.  I thought I had scheduled it for late Friday, but discovered the incomplete post was published  Friday morning.  It must have read like I was on hallucinogenic drugs!

More importantly thank you for continuing to visit this blog.  It has been very busy for me lately, and I am sure the quality of the writing has suffered as I have such a short window to write and proofread.  Thanks for continuing to visit and read. I welcome any suggestions on improving these posts given the limited time I have right now to write them.

Will eventually delete this post after a few weeks or more, but will certainly take any comments about improving this blog to heart.


Comments on: "Fifty Year Friday: Thanks and apologies" (2)

  1. Stress not; it is not of use in the furtherance. Sending you good energies. Be still a moment and absorb. 🙂

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  2. I always enjoy your posts taking me back to the good old days of music. Glad you’re continuing…. I love remembering!

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