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Missing the dead, more than, I suspect, they miss me, I somberly reflect:
the most recent, smell terribly,
                and the long departed are more like fallow soil than fellow souls;
I don’t want them to stagger and stumble like the living dead
or communicate to me while their face parts fall off;
I want to be around them like when they were at their best.

And so I go to memory,
that slippery, somewhat unscrupulous, disobedient vagabond
that tells the same stories and strays from the truth far too often —
each torturous tangle with memory takes something away
and provides nothing new —
this is no consolation for so many losses,
just needless punishment for keeping company with the only companion that cannot die
but only deteriorate,
leaving me with less,
never more,
than that which

— Zumwalt (2016)


Comments on: "nevermore" (3)

  1. Loss it a bitch and I seem to be loosing a lot lately!

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  2. Tales of the Disconsolate Mortician

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  3. Amen… I love it- nothing can take the memories away although they do tend to fade somewhat. Sadly, the memories I find hardest to forget are the bad ones.

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