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What am I

What am I but a commercial painter
making the same strokes over and over on black velvet nap
always charging the same prices
always settling for less

I know you, too,
paint the same pictures over and over
that’s how I can sell you mine.

— Zumwalt (1991)

Comments on: "What am I" (10)

  1. i am a painter as well, but not commercial, i paint to cool myself down and stay calm..great post.. thanx for sharing..


  2. I like clever ending – a surprise, but it makes sense.


  3. abichica and mareymercy,

    Thanks very much for your comments!


  4. I like this , I think you mean this poem more than you are letting on! P.T.Y.P.


  5. mmm, what are we all but the labels we give ourselves? xx


  6. Indeed, or the labels that are given to us by others? Good poem, I agree with willowdot21; there seems to be something more at work here.


  7. clever (~_~) there are those who paint and there are painters, then there are true artists. Your Art shines in every line!


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