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Since Unkulunkulu had no email

The chameleon was sent to say “let them not die”
but tarried, stopping continually to blend in.
The lizard, eventually was sent,
and lost both its tail and part of its message
and before regrowing either,
proclaimed, “let them die.”

And so die they did,
but with death was the message of the chameleon:
invisible when still,
discernible when in motion.

– Zumwalt  2011

(With heartfelt tribute to zendictive’s blog)


Comments on: "Since Unkulunkulu had no email" (10)

  1. “The most important requirement of any poem is that it ends before the reader goes on to something else.” — Zumwalt

    i love this 🙂


  2. Beautifully written and sadly true. All it takes for evil to triumph over good is for a few good men to do nothing.Quote Edmund Burke.


  3. bows humble (~_~) I am honored
    what witty word play, with the chameleon, you are truely a poet master (my opinion) I always enjoy reading your poetry (~_~)


  4. wow..intriguing write.. the message of the chameleon:
    invisible when still,
    discernible when in motion… think i have to head over to zendictive’s blog and check the unkulunkulo link to fully get the message…but i like it even now a lot..


  5. “The message is only as good as it is understood.” I love the contrast between the beauty of the chameleon and the coldness of email. Intriguing.


  6. I really enjoyed this short, thought-provoking piece. Great metaphoric quality to the chameleon.


  7. Russell, David. willowdot21, zendictive, claudia, Slowmoto, Victoria,

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


  8. you are all about making me think this week…there is a nice dance to the words…particularly the second half and the return to the chameleon and his blending in…


  9. You can’t blame the chameleon, who was only doing what he does best.


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